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Hundreds of man-years of custom hinge knowledge are compiled and condensed here, with a fast and simple interface. Learning about custom hinge options is a cinch, and getting a price quote is easy as pie.

Also, be sure to check out the Glossary, for definitions of words and concepts.

So take a deep breath, relax, and dive in. The Guden Hinge Guru is working for you.

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  1. Select the type of hinge you are looking for.
  2. Select a common customization applied to that type of hinge. A window appears chock full of information about your options.
  3. Select the option you want and it appears in the box on the right entitled Options.
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Common Customization Options for Continuous Hinges

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Holes : Tolerances Select Customization Option

Standard tolerances for Guden hinge dimensioning depend upon the type of processing, listed below with links to the Tolerance Drawings.

You should assume that your custom hinge will use Normal Secondary operations.

If you have requirements for tighter tolerances, please alert your Guden CSR and we can generally provide what you need.

Normal Secondary operations

Typically, customizations are applied to already-manufactured base hinges. This is the most economical method for most requirements.
Tolerances for customizations applied as secondary operations, leaf thickness .025-.065
Tolerances for customizations applied as secondary operations, leaf thickness .067 and up

Templated Secondary operations

Sometimes when applications require very tight tolerances, or in certain volume production situations, a "templated" method is used.
Tolerances for templated secondary operations

Primary operations

When hinges are originally manufactured, features can be applied with greater accuracy. This is only done when manufacturing hinges in very high quantities.
Tolerances for primary operations
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