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About Hinge Guru

The Hinge Guru is a gentle soul that lives at 99 Raynor Ave in Ronkonkoma NY. He comes to work every morning with a smile on his face and a spark in his step. "When I was growing up, my Dad would always point out the hinges all around us. I was fascinated by how they worked and how they made our lives easier." HG goes on..."So it was natural for me to pursue a career devoted to customizing and selling hinges. That's why I work for the best hinge company in the world... H. A. Guden."

The Hinge Guru loves talking about hinges, that's why he was so willing to fill this site with a ton of information so everyone can learn all the customization options available and more importantly, make it really easy to order a custom hinge.

At H. A. Guden, we are very proud of our Hinge Guru and invite you to tap into the vast world of information he has made available through this site.

And if you need, we also customize and distribute catches, handles, gas springs, latches and other types of industrial hardware. Just give us a call 1-800-3HINGES.